Hoch Consulting currently serves the Water, Wastewater, Water Reuse, Stormwater, Development, Solid Municipal Waste, Energy, Emergency Services, and Transportation markets.

Water, Wastewater, Water Reuse

Hoch Consulting is a leader in water resources and condition assessment. We have provided critical services on two of the major IPR projects in the County and have assisted our clients with rehabilitating existing infrastructure as well as designing, permitting, and building new infrastructure.


Our team of experts is dedicated to providing top-tier consulting, planning, and engineering solutions to municipalities. Our goal is to help these clients reduce flood risks, meet regulatory requirements, and protect watershed resources. Additionally, we strive to improve the quality and health of rivers, creeks, lakes, aquifers, bays, and oceans.


We tailor our approach to each unique project, with services including master planning, project scheduling, value engineering, constructability review, change order management, quality assurance, and construction administration. With decades of experience, we are experts in optimizing cost, schedule, scope, and quality.

Solid Municipal Waste

Our team offers a range of consulting, planning, and engineering services to municipalities seeking to manage solid waste. We take a comprehensive approach, working closely with clients to tailor our services to their specific needs. Our solutions are designed to be effective and sustainable, taking into account factors such as waste volume, composition, and disposal options.


Hoch Consulting offers project management, funding support, and engineering services to help municipalities diversify their transportation options beyond vehicles. We specialize in developing and implementing multi-modal transportation and green infrastructure programs that promote sustainability and increase access to alternative transportation options. Our goal is to create a more sustainable future for our communities by promoting eco-friendly transportation options.

Emergency Services

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive funding support and grant administration services to the emergency services sector. Our team will work closely with you to identify the ideal funding opportunities for your project and to develop a comprehensive strategy to secure the funding you require. With our deep understanding of the funding landscape, we are confident that we can help you achieve your goals and make a meaningful impact in your community.


At Hoch Consulting, we offer project management, funding support, and engineering services to help municipalities and private clients optimize their energy-related projects. Our team of experts provides customized solutions that maximize efficiency and sustainability, including energy audits, energy system design, and smart infrastructure deployment.


Hoch Consulting is a full-service engineering and management consulting firm that can provide turnkey services from planning through operations and maintenance.


At Hoch Consulting, we provide comprehensive planning solutions to public and private sector clients. Our experts offer modeling, master planning, budgeting, scheduling, and feasibility studies. We are a proven partner in all these areas, having delivered efficient and successful projects for numerous clients.

Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering includes preliminary investigations (geotechnical and drainage evaluations, field visits, etc.) preparation of preliminary design reports, preparation of plans and specifications for public bidding. Our team has experience designing water, wastewater, recycled water, stormwater, and transportation infrastructure.

Project Administration

Hoch Consulting offers project administration services, including KPI tracking, budget maintenance, and coordination with stakeholders. We work closely with our clients to establish project goals and objectives, and then develop and execute a plan to meet those goals on time and within budget. Our experience in project management allows us to provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the project lifecycle, from planning to closeout.

Program Implementation

Our program implementation services include strategic planning, risk management, and performance monitoring. Our team uses our experience managing complex programs and projects to help mitigate risk and ensure program success. Our team also provides ongoing performance monitoring and reporting to keep our clients informed of progress and any potential issues that may arise. Whether you need help managing a large-scale infrastructure program or a series of smaller projects, we can provide the expertise and guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Property Acquisition

We provide property acquisition services to help clients identify and acquire properties for their development projects. Our team has extensive experience in property analysis and site selection, and we work closely with our clients to identify the best locations for their projects. We also provide due diligence services to help ensure that properties meet all legal and regulatory requirements. With our extensive experience, we can help our clients make informed decisions and achieve their development goals.

Construction Services

Construction services include constructability reviews, cost estimating, bidding services, construction management, and construction inspection. Our goal is to help mitigate risk and reduce costs by improving the clarity, conciseness, and completeness of construction documents. We also provide thorough oversight of construction to help ensure projects are delivered in conformance with client standards and expectations. Our team has provided construction services for both public and private clients, including private real estate development and municipal infrastructure such as pump stations, treatment plants, pipelines, drainage channels, and more.

Funding Support and Financial Planning

Our experienced team offers grant writing, administration, loan and rebate applications, and comprehensive financial planning for private and public entities. We’ve helped clients obtain over $250 Million in funding support with grant and loan services such as Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) grants, United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) Grants, Water Infrastructure and Finance Innovation Act (WIFIA) Loans, State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Programs, and Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Local Resource Planning Grants. Our planning and administration experts can assist you in creating and maintaining a pathway to success.

Management Consulting Services

Management consulting services include program management, project management, staff augmentation, and administration services. Our staff have managed highly complex programs at construction values in the hundreds of millions of dollars, projects ranging from treatment plant expansions, pump station development and rehabilitation, water, wastewater, recycled water and storm drain projects, and advanced metering infrastructure projects. We also serve as an extension of our client’s staff providing third-party quality control reviews of other engineers’ plans and plan check reviews.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance includes permit acquisition and ongoing environmental regulation conformance. Our team has experience with obtaining federal, state, and local permits for our clients through the State Water Quality Control Board (SWQCB), Division of Drinking Water (DDW), Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), Army Corp of Engineers, US Fish and Wildlife, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, Local Coastal Permitting Agencies, and more.

Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance comprises condition assessment, energy management, information management, asset management, operational support, and computer programming. Our team, with experience as former public employees and utility managers, has assisted agencies in reducing the risks and costs associated with asset ownership through condition assessments, maintenance optimization, and streamlined operations.

Sustainable Development

Hoch Consulting is committed to sustainable development and minimizing our impact on the environment. We incorporate sustainable design and construction practices into our projects whenever possible, and we work closely with clients to identify opportunities for energy and resource conservation. We also strive to reduce waste and minimize carbon emissions throughout the project lifecycle. By prioritizing environmental stewardship, we can help create a more sustainable future for our communities.

What We’ve Done

We are proud to have participated in projects estimated in the hundreds of millions to the tens of thousands of dollars – both high-profile and under the radar. Click below to see a few of our successes.