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In 2012, Adam Hoch founded a small civil engineering firm with the mission to provide high-value engineering, design, and management solutions to our clients while also adding value to our employees, our community, and the environment. He was driven by his experience working as an engineer for the San Elijo Joint Powers Authority, which owned and operated a water reclamation facility in Cardiff, CA, and sought to create an engineering firm focused on helping agencies plan, design, permit, construct, and operate public infrastructure while effectively managing costs and risks. Since 2012, Hoch Consulting has focused on strategic expansions of services, markets and staff and today offers a wide range of services throughout the water, wastewater, recycled water, storm water, and transportation sectors.

Our talented staff is led by Mr. Hoch and Ms. Kyrsten Burr – each of whom bring an entrepreneurial spirit, high-level executive experience, a breadth of expertise, and a depth of knowledge to each project they manage. As a team we have garnered a reputation of excellence and have been entrusted with managing cutting edge, high-profile, and complicated projects for our clients. We are humbled and proud to serve our clients, our industry, and our communities.

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Hoch Consulting is proudly certified with the following agencies.


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City of San Diego – 14HC0998

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California Department of General Services 2016197

The Importance of Community

Hoch Consulting believes in supporting local and national civil engineering organizations as a way to stay connected and improve the industry as a whole. We believe by working together with others better solutions are developed.

Another core value of our company is giving back to charities. We are passionate about protecting our environment and helping others gain access to clean water. In addition, we enjoy mentoring young engineers to help them explore their interests and show them how it can develop into a professional career.

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